Dear Dalitso

Everyday lessons for tomorrow

There are many leadership blogs and this is not one of them. This is a story about ongoing struggles in building and growing a set of ideas (including an organization) around the twin challenges of democracy and development. More importantly I am reflecting after the act and at times without the benefit of notes but my recollection of the journey to date. I didn’t even realize I was on a leadership journey. At best it was just a hustle. A compelling hustle is when you can convince others to walk alongside with you. In many instances leadership is thrust upon us with very little preparation. There is no leadership school that can adequately prepare one for the challenges of day to day leadership. Looking after yourself is already a very difficult task. Looking after others (family, loved ones friend) can be just as tough. Now try adding starting and running a non profit into the mix. I have come to believe that everyone is a leader one way or the other but in the majority of cases we are never ready. Can we ever be prepared to lead in more effective ways? I guess so. I have had the privilege to lead in different contexts but not sure if I was ever ready. I have times have made a mess of it. But in some rare occasions I have pulled it off (somewhat). There has never been a good time to reflect on success and failures. Everyday has its own challenges. I have decided to deliberately talk about my leadership journey to date. I am focusing mostly on the journey of formation and growth of SIVIO Institute since 2018. My goal is to hopefully encourage to find the boldness and courage to pursue their passion.



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