Dear Dalitso

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#Stop to Celebrate Excellence

July 2, 2024
Letter #43

Dear Dali

Chakanaka chakakana mukaka haurungwe! (that which is beautiful does not need tampering with)

Yesterday you made me so proud. That performance. That confidence. Wow! I had never seen you in your element like that. You did us proud.

In many instances, I have written to you about what should be. Today I am thrilled to testify about your becoming. Your authentic self. At that stage you were something. That solo performance could just be the watershed moment- announcing to the world that you are here. They should expect more from you. I am sure there is a lot more that will come from you.

I pondered. What is the purpose of your life? Maybe for now I will say it is to inspire others. Which could expand into entertaining others or motivating. The world is your oyster. I am so excited about the journey you have embarked on.

Last week I nervously called your mother just to check if you were ready. I was so disappointed that I did not get the chance to watch you. The heavens were aligning with my diary (smile). The show had to wait until my return. I was a bit nervous at the beginning. I had seen some excellent performances before you and was not sure how you would perform. But when you got on that stage- Girl- you rocked it.

There is an ongoing debate about who you take after. I am no poet or public performer. Maybe you take after your mother. Maybe you are just yourself. In all things, we celebrate your God-given talent. Nurture it. Expand on it. Use it!

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