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 The License to Prevail

October 30, 2023
Letter #

 In life certain things are given to you but I have learnt that you must grab certain opportunities. In some circumstances you turn what was meant to be challenge into an opportunity. Don’t wait to be given. A license gives you permission to do something usually after some training. One may have a license to practice medicine (after going through medical school). Another may have a license to practice law (after going through Law School) and another may have a driver’s license and has permission to drive (after going through Driving School and exams). No one hands over Licenses to Prevail. The permission that enables you to do what you got to do.
 Very few of us here on the earth have pre-determined paths. How will it work out eventually? No one knows. We just have to prevail. Every success story I have come across is a result of prevailing.

But the license to prevail like the Driver’s License does not mean there will be no bumps or little accidents along the way. The license to prevail essentially means a determination not to be scared or defeated even before the journey begins. To make the right incremental decisions at every turn. Others are waiting for the Big Bang or the day of the big breakthrough. It rarely happens that way- one must consistently make the right moves, and these consist of decisions, placement, and time management. This sounds like a lot right now (I will on someday unpack decisions, placement, and time).

 The license to prevail gives you permission (right mindset) to confront obstacles and not to give up. It’s easier to give up than to persevere especially if you are already living amongst people who have given up. Their everyday language speaks to resignation to fate. Avoid them. Avoid victim language- where things happen to you. Instead bite the lower lip and remind yourself that no one will give you the license to prevail. It is literally up to you to make the decision to overcome. You have agency over your life. Yes- there will be days where it seems like there is no way out or you ask yourself ‘what was I thinking’- if it looks bigger than you then you are in the right place- it’s a place of faith. The only ally on the journey to prevailing my child is by faith.

Not, the faith that says I have prayed let’s see what happens. No. But the faith that says I have prayed now let’s get moving. There is always a lot of other small things to do even when waiting for a big breakthrough. Here is a little practical advice- for every move/big act there are things that will depend on you and others that are beyond you. Choose to do what depends on you with excellence. Create a compelling reason for others to be fully persuaded to join you. Everything starts off as an idea- SIVIO was an idea- it is not yet what I thought or want it to be. It is now an idea in motion. You don’t wait for all things/pieces to fall into place.  You have the license/permission.

  • Do not be scared of the work before you.
  • At first you may not succeed but rise again - (some of us are those that have been to hell and back)
  • Pursue even in the middle of crisis…there are no perfect conditions.

You have the permission to prevail. Also created in the image of the Living God.

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