Dear Dalitso

Everyday lessons for tomorrow

Let other things pass you.

October 23, 2023
Letter #

Dear Dali,

We live in a world where everything is screaming for your attention, time, money, attention, or even emotional investment. We live in the digital age and information is at your fingertips. When you wake up there is that temptation to check out what has been happening in the world. You check on who has been messaging you throughout the night on WhatsApp and Telegram. You go into the groups- see what has been posted, look at the status of your contact, scroll on X (Twitter was a better name though) for news or gossip, watch and listen to the short Tik Tok videos that appear as you scroll. Head to Facebook and check out all the posts and before you know it you are watching reels. That can easily take up 30 or 45mins of your time. It is not worth it at all, my child. There will never be enough time to waste.

The best version of you will appear only when you are prepared to make sacrifices in becoming a better person. The first sacrifice is to let other things pass you. For instance, you can’t play all the sports at school. Watch how productive you will be once you embrace those things that excite you. There are many competing interests for your time, money, and emotions. A morning spent reading a book and on devotions is better than one spent scrolling social media. Prioritize your inner peace. Choose wisely.

Let other things pass you. Fashion. That is the biggest con of modern-day capitalism. Everything is recycled. I have seen a bit in my life. I was looking for the other day and I saw stonewashed jeans. I hope they are not coming back into ‘fashion’- but if they do, I have seen them before. My point chasing after fashion is literally like chasing the wind or a moving target. It is not worth it. Learn to be content with what you have. Things. No matter how many you have, they will never satisfy you. Engage yourself with things that matter. Eating well. Good books. Travel.

Let other things pass you. Other people’s wahala. Develop routines of value. Be selfish (yes, I said it) about your space and inner peace. Don’t be dragged into unending people’s dramas. The most valuable person is who realizes their limitations. You cannot fix everyone’s problems. In some instances, lend an ear but make sure not to be dragged into a new rabbit trail.

You can’t respond to every comment or take on every opportunity- let other things pass you.Instead focus on things that matter. I will shortly write a summary of Steve Covey’s Sharpening of Your Sword but to mention here that a day or week spent procrastinating is literally like stagnation or wilting. Pursue growth (not things) in every area of your life. Develop life giving habits- time is given to us by God use it wisely. Focus on what you are good at. Let other things pass you. 

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