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Complacency Leads to Decay

October 11, 2023
Letter #

Dear Dalitso,

Today is a great day to change the world. This was always my mantra for close to three years. I then changed. I don’t know why. I got used to the idea that my work contributes to changing the world. I did not check myself or even doubt that I was on mission. I just assumed I was doing the right thing. Didn’t need to check with anyone. I had it covered. Truth is, I got lost.

It is a natural condition amongst human beings- we take for granted what we think we know/have conquered. Somebody put it this way ‘uptake is easy, but we never plan for management/maintenance of what we have’.

I spent a lot of years as an apprentice of some of the world’s best leaders in my work and spiritual life. I was hungry and had to learn. Steve Jobs would have said ‘stay hungry, stay foolish’. But I got big headed I lost the way.

You can spend a long time learning a skill, putting together resources to buy a house, developing a relationship but after acquiring it rarely do you set aside time and resources for its maintenance.

Many times, we are bad at what I will call ‘repeat investing’ into the essential ingredients for success. At an individual level we tend to neglect the habits of success, hard work, discipline and that brought us to where we are- for instance I used to read a new book from back-to-back every two weeks. Here and there I would take a self-improvement course. I just stopped.

I had settled without even realizing it. Set up SIVIO, assembled a great team, and you know the usual home comforts. I was ready to kick off my shoes and relax. No new writings. Was spending a lot of time scrolling social media. Bingeing on TV.

It’s over now. I am back. All my blogs are back (I am writing for myself first) I am in a good space. Remember this- embrace who you are (see next post on embracing), there is nothing settled in the universe-everything is in motion and depends on the decisions you make today. If you make the decision to settle and have resigned yourself to fate then know this what you have just begun is a process of decay-if it is not giving life, it is dying-even maintenance requires effort.

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