Dear Dalitso

Everyday lessons for tomorrow

What was I thinking?

September 7, 2023
Letter #

I have asked myself this question several times since establishing SIVIO Institute. It’s the worst question that a leader can ask him or herself at any point. Yet it happens quite often. Triggers of the question are:

  1. The plan is not falling into place
  2. You have not convinced enough people about your compelling idea
  3. There is no movement- you can’t seem to secure the right resources (financial and human)

First things first- I had to learn quickly that the world does not owe me anything. Failure or success will be partly up to me (especially in the first year). Every form of support was literally a gamble based on my previous experience and nothing to do with my current gig.

Second - I have learnt to keep a tight leash on the negative me. I have learnt the art of embracing. I embrace my situation. I do not sugar coat the facts but instead soberly analyze the root cause. In the process I realized very early that I struggled with self esteem issues. Poor background and previous work experience issues. Have learnt to embrace that as well- instead of these being an obstacle-they have become the fire. If you have worked with me you will know (and I am not praising myself) that I lead from the front. I put in the hours. Whatever I may have lacked in terms of background I have adequately compensated for it by the desire to go the extra mile.

What was I thinking is no longer intimidating. In fact as we grow I always find myself in Day One like situations- a fresh challenge that looks bigger than what we have dealt with in the past. That is how growth works out. It’s always challenging us not sit in the comfort zone or dwell on past achievements.

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